How to Find the Best Weighted Blanket [2021]

Weighted blankets are becoming more popular with individuals who want to improve their sleep cycle. It’s hard to tell the difference between these therapeutic blankets, which look and feel like a regular comforter. 

Because weighted blankets vary significantly from conventional blankets, finding the right weighted blanket may be a challenge. It will be hard to find which ones are of premium quality and which ones are not. 

It’s also beneficial to have some background knowledge before investing in one of the best-weighted blankets for your comfort, too. So with that in mind, today we’ll help you choose the right blanket for all your needs. 

How Effective Are Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets add extra heaviness by employing heavy fillings, distinguishing them from your normal comforters containing minuscule fillers. Most weighted blankets are inherently warmer and cozier as a consequence of the extra weight. 

This feeling provided by the weighted blankets mimics a hug by using a method known as deep pressure stimulation (DPS) to help the user feel more comfortable. In turn, our brain secretes serotonin, often known as the “happy hormone,” which aids in relaxation and well-being. 

It is thought to play an important part in mood maintenance, and it also transforms into melatonin, which aids in natural sleep. Suffice to say, weighted blankets can definitely help you enjoy more restful sleep by lowering your emotional or physical stress. 

Still, we can say the effectiveness of blankets is yet to be observed to the fullest, but it’s clear these weighted blankets are making a pleasant change in sleep-deprived people. The only hurdle, therefore, is finding the right blanket for your body type.

How to Choose the Perfect Weighted Blanket

Keep in mind while shopping for a weighted blanket that they are for personal use. Therefore, the choice is entirely up to you. Some aspects like weight or temperature are directly linked with your body type and the room temperature. 

Here are some important considerations to help assist you in finding the perfect blanket:

  • Its Weight
  • The Size
  • Its Temperature
  • The Filling Materials
  • Its Overall Maintenance


Choosing the right weight for your weighted blanket is of vital importance. You don’t want to buy a 30-pound blanket, for instance, if you have a petite body frame. On the other hand, you wouldn’t buy a small blanket if you are fairly solidly built. 

The general rule of thumb while finding the right size is to get a weighted blanket that is 10% of your body weight. Depending on the advantages you want to get and the reason you purchased the blanket, you may want to add an extra few pounds of weight for a little extra pressure.


Now that you have selected the weight for your blanket, here comes the size! Weighted blankets are available in various sizes ranging from kids’ sizes to king-sized blankets. If you are a single person, you can definitely go for the standard size.

If you’re in a relationship, though, then we recommend you go for a couple-sized blanket, made especially for two people. In other words, simply buy a weighted blanket that covers you across all the dimensions.


There are different kinds of weighted blankets in the market. You can get a cooling weighted blanket made of microfiber material if you live in humid climates. Or, if you live somewhere colder, reach for a thicker blanket that’ll provide you with a little extra warmth at night. 

The market for weighted blankets is continuously developing, which means you can buy any blanket to your liking. For example, knitted blankets provide extra airflow so they don’t overheat your body. On the other hand, the sherpa or flannel blankets (which are made from a unique fabric to help trap in body heat) can provide extra warmth on those chilly winter nights.

Filling Materials

There are a few factors to bear in mind while choosing the right filling for your weighted blanket. Some of the widely used fillings include:

  • Micro Glass Beads
  • Polypropylene Beads
  • Dry Organic Material

Micro Glass Beads

Currently, micro glass beads are probably the most widely used and widely available weighted blanket filler material available and give them a premium feel. It’s heavier in weight, and because of their uniform size and shape, they are very mobile. 

Since glass is heavier than plastic, you will need fewer beads to fill the same area of the blanket compared to the poly plastic beads. Furthermore, micro glass beads are easy to both manufacture and maintain. Adding to this, glass beads are recyclable and can easily be washed in your washing machines and dryers. All in all, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

Polypropylene Beads

Poly beads are another popular choice in the market today, as well. Weighted blankets have often employed plastic poly pellets as their primary stuffing material over the past decades, and for good reason. For instance, the polypropylene plastic resembles little pebbles — just like the glass beads — instead made out of plastic. 

The highest quality poly beads are both lightweight and non-toxic, as well as fairly affordable. However, these do come with a few downsides. Poly beads might cause the blanket to seem lumpy or loud when being used. In addition, many people are trying to reduce their usage of plastics due to environmental considerations.

Dry Organic Fillings

Organic fillings such as legumes (like beans or lentils) and grains (such as corn or rice) are another popular choice on the market today. People opt for these for their low cost, but many of them forget that maintaining these bad boys can be such a pain. 

Organic filled blankets are not ideal for washing, as they won’t dry effectively, promoting the growth of germs and mold. In addition, keeping a rice or corn blanket dry is crucial if you intend to use it frequently or for very long periods of time. 

We may sound a bit negative, but currently, these organic blankets have a low shelf life, and there are better alternatives. Also, you’ll want to make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the organic contents before making your purchase.


Most weighted blankets come with a customized maintenance and upkeep plan. First thing first, check the fabric of your blanket. If it’s made of fleece or cotton, then it is washable. Otherwise, if it’s made of organic materials, you are unfortunately out of luck, as they can’t be washed.

In general, you can wash blankets up to twenty pounds in a front loader machine. Otherwise, you would have to take the blanket to the nearest laundromat. You can wash poly or glass beads in a machine, as well, since they don’t absorb water. 

It is also recommended to use cold or tepid water with little gentle detergents. After drying the blanket, insert the duvet covers, and it’s ready to be used.

Apart from the five basic points mentioned above, you should also take note if a blanket comes with the duvet cover. Duvet covers act like an extra layer of protection, increasing the blanket’s lifespan and keeping it clean for a longer time. 

The unexpectedly high costs may understandably deter even the most excited buyer, though. Fortunately, there are other, more affordable alternatives available that provide as good an experience as the premium blankets offer.

The Advantages of Using a Weighted Blanket

There are many advantages to using a weighted blanket. From allowing you to maintain a healthy sleep cycle to lowering your stress levels, weighted blankets can add the extra oomph factor, allowing you to sleep in peace. 

Some of the main advantages of using a weighted blanket are:

Eases anxiety and stress levels:

A weighted blanket might be the solution if you are stressed out. When you are stressed or anxious, the adrenal gland releases cortisol, which is the stress hormone. To counter this out, the weighted blankets have been shown to boost feel-good chemicals called Serotonin, ultimately lowering your stress levels.

Helps you sleep better:

In this digital age, almost half the population has struggled with some kind of sleeping problem. Some are unable to sleep, while others have bad sleep cycles. However, weighted blankets help people fall asleep faster, thanks to the increased comfort, coziness, warmth, and dopamine production.

Mitigates severe pain:

Today’s market is flooded with all kinds of pain relievers, and these gadgets may cost hundreds (or even thousands!) of dollars for the top-of-the-line versions. As a result, they’re often exclusively found in hospitals and other treatment facilities. However, a weighted blanket may provide many of the same health advantages as a squeezing machine, but without breaking the bank. 

Helps people with ADHD:

Weighted blankets are a kind of home treatment similar to deep pressure therapy, which helps alleviate many of the nighttime symptoms of ADHD that can lead to insomnia. It works by relaxing the nervous system after releasing serotonin (relaxation), as well as helping your pineal gland secrete melatonin (for sleep), so you can rest with ease.

The Disadvantages of Using a Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets aren’t a perfect, catch-all solution, though. They also come with their fair share of cons, such as:

Getting accustomed to weighted blankets can take some time:

This might not exactly look like a con, but some people remain uncomfortable with the weighted blankets, even after a few months. They may try to rush the process, resulting in them not being able to adapt to their blanket. Slow and steady progress, though, will get you the restful sleep you desire.

Weighted blankets can be somewhat expensive:

Some of these blankets can be quite expensive, especially compared to a conventional comforter. While you can buy a decent regular blanket for $30, it’s hard to find a decently weighted blanket for less than $60. Not to mention, larger blankets need to be washed in laundromats, which can take a considerable chunk of time and money.

Hot sleepers won’t like the idea of weighted blankets:

If you love to sleep in light PJs (or in the buff!), then you might not like weighted blankets. Sure, they’re therapeutic, but it won’t matter if you wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. If that sounds like you, then you might prefer light and breathable bamboo blankets instead.

The Six Best Weighted Blankets For a Good Night’s Rest

Of course, now you know all about the benefits of weighted blankets and how to find the best one for your needs, let’s go ahead and take a look at six of our favorites. However, before we do, you should know about our selection criteria.

What Was Our Selection Criteria?

To be included on our list of favorites, the blankets needed to meet a few requirements first. For starters, they needed to be:

  • Well Reviewed. We carefully combed through all of the reviews of the blankets, only selecting the ones that were well-liked by the buyers. You won’t find any lackluster weighted blankets on this list!
  • Fairly Affordable Price Point. We also wanted to make sure that the weighted blanket was accessible to the average shopper. While there may be some slightly more costly ones on this list, you won’t have to take out a second mortgage to buy one.
  • High-Quality Materials. Sure, switching out higher quality glass or poly beads can lower the price of the blanket, as can using cheaper materials. But what good is there in investing in a weighted blanket that’ll just fall apart on you in a few months?
  • A Variety of Features. Finally, we wanted to make sure the blankets we chose met a wide assortment of needs. From coming in fun colors to having different sizes and weights, we know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach and kept that in mind when selecting our choices.

And once they met these standards, we approved them for inclusion on our list!

Tranquility Weighted Blanket

We consider the Tranquility weighted blanket to be a fantastic budget beast option. If you have never experienced a weighted blanket and want to try one without risking your money, then this can be the right choice for your needs. 

The affordable Tranquility blanket offers the same high-quality features as the more expensive blankets. It uses glass beads, and the material used on its outside regulates the temperature to keep it from overheating. The Tranquility weighted blanket also comes with a detachable cover that can be washed in the washing machine, unlike other options in the same range, which have no such covers.

This blanket comes in four different sizes, ranging from twelve to twenty pounds, as well. You can’t go wrong with this blanket if you want a close to a premium experience but on a tighter budget.


  • Friendly on the pocket
  • Comes with an extra removable cover
  • Quality glass bead filling
  • Smart temperature regulation


  • No children size blanket is available
  • Only comes in gray color

YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket

YnM is considered the marvel of weighted blankets. You can search any of their blankets, and you’ll quickly see how loved they are. With a 4.6 rating out of 5 stars, this blanket is really reliable. 

YnM uses high-quality glass beads, which provide a more uniform weight distribution, are quieter than other fill materials, and are also environmentally friendly (since they are made of glass, and not plastic). And when it comes to weighted blankets, the stitching counts. YnM uses a three-dimensional sewing process for no bead leakage, preventing unwanted shifting. 

YnM Bamboo weighted blanket comes in twelve different sizes, eight different weight options, and twenty-one different color options:

  • 41 inches x 60 inches (7 and 10 pounds)
  • 48 inches x 72 inches (12, 15, and 20 pounds)
  • 60 inches x 80 inches (15, 17, 20, and 25 pounds)
  • 80 inches x 87 inches (20, 25, and 30 pounds)


  • High quality, industry-standard stitching
  • Tons of color options
  • Glass bead filling material
  • Cooling blanket for hot sleepers
  • Quite durable


  • Cover not included
  • Is fairly expensive

Lofus Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket

The Lofus fleece blanket isn’t just an attractive blanket, but it’s also designed to help you get a good night’s rest by applying gentle pressure to the right places on your body. It blends exquisite softness with maximum comfort to help you unwind after a rough day at work. 

To prevent the beads from leaking, the blanket is lined with two additional layers of polyester, which are filled with non-toxic and eco-friendly ceramic beads. As a result, no sounds are coming from the pockets, and the blanket wraps around you like a warm cozy embrace.

These Lofus blankets are easy to clean and are much stronger than cotton blankets, and come in three sizes:

  • 48 inches x 72 inches (15 pounds)
  • 60 inches x 80 inches (15 pounds)
  • 60 inches x 80 inches (20 pounds)


  • Very durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Six color options
  • Ceramic bead filling material
  • Plush, soft fabric
  • Reversible


  • Not suited for hot sleepers
  • Less than ideal for hot, humid climates

Gravity Blankets

Gravity Blankets are the hardworking multitasker in the weighted blankets department. Any list without Gravity Blankets is incomplete. They’re available in single, queen, and king sizes, with four different weights to choose from. 

Geometric stitching helps hold the weighted blanket in place, while glass beads fill the interior weight layer. As a bonus, the Gravity Blanket also comes with a microfleece duvet cover.

Most Gravity’s customers said that the gravity blankets allowed them to relax and sleep better, while some say it helps them fall asleep faster. If you’ve been stressed out lately, this blanket can offer a fantastic solution.

With over 76% positive reviews on Amazon, no doubt it is the online marketplace’s choice product. Gravity Blankets are available in five different weights ranging from 15lbs to 35lbs. That said, Gravity Blankets might not be the best choice for first-time users, as the blanket is on the expensive side of the spectrum.


  • Comes with a removable duvet
  • Highly durable
  • Machine washable
  • Premium glass bead filling material
  • Available in several shapes and sizes


  • Only comes in gray color
  • Is fairly expensive

Quility Weighted Blanket

Quility was established in the United States to create a quality weighted blanket at an affordable price. This blanket is available in six colors, all of which are filled with high-quality glass microbeads, allowing for even distribution of the pockets and uniform weight. 

The weighted blanket’s outer shell is composed of high-quality cotton fabric, meaning it won’t overheat you. A polyester layer is sandwiched between the blanket’s glass beads core and the outer shell. This layer maintains the boundary between the beads and the outer shell. 

Another notable aspect of the Quility Weighted Blanket is that it is available in 13 different weights and sizes. 

  • 36 inches x 48 inches (5 pounds)
  • 41 inches x 60 inches (7 and 10 pounds)
  • 64 inches x 72 inches (12 and 15 pounds)
  • 60 inches x 80 inches (12, 15, 20, and 25 pounds)
  • 86 inches x 92inches (15, 20, 25, and 30 pounds)

So, whether you are a child or a couple, Quility has you covered — literally! They’ve created a great product, and you can feel confident purchasing this one if you’re looking to buy a blanket at the midrange price point.


  • Glass microbead filling material
  • Quite durable construction
  • Various size options
  • Non-toxic cover


  • Hand wash only
  • Can’t be tumble dried

Hypnoser Weighted Blanket

The Hypnoser Weighted Blankets is another good budget option. With a whopping 80% five-star reviews on amazon, Hypnoser can be a great choice for your needs. First things first, the company provides a good blanket at a cheap price. They also stand behind their motto of “Customer First” by providing excellent after-sales service. 

Hypnoser uses sandglass filling material instead of regular glass or poly beads filling, giving you an alternative to trying out if you’ve had bad experiences with other filling materials. Remember, though, that the sandglass fillings can only be air-dried. That means cleaning your blanket can be a fairly annoying task.

The Hypnoser blanket is composed of breathable natural cotton, providing the blanket with much better airflow. Another remarkable feature of Hypnoser blankets is their stitching. The diamond pattern stitching holds up the filling material in its place, upholding the uniformity. 

The only catch for this weighted blanket is that they sell them weighted blankets without the duvet covers. So, you can either buy one separately or use your old duvet cover with it. The Hypnoser Weighted Blanket is available in gray color, with two different sizes, and five different weight options:

  • 48 inches x72 inches
  • 36 inches x 48 inches 
  • Available in 3, 5, 10, 12, 15, and 20 pounds


  • Fantastic customer service
  • Machine washable
  • Easy on the budget
  • Sleek design
  • Soft, organic cotton


  • Hard to maintain
  • Duvet sold separately

Our Top Recommendations

Buying the right weighted blanket can be stressful. If we have to recommend only one that fits every checkbox, though, we can’t think of anything better than the Quility Weighted Blanket. Alternatively, if you can justify the splurge, you can go for Gravity Blankets, which has a devout following among the weighted blanket community.

Quility Blankets

The Quility weighted blanket is a no-nonsense blanket that does the job perfectly — and at the right price. It comes with all the bells and whistles, too from glass bead fillings to high-quality cotton fiber. Quility has provided a great product for an affordable price. 

Compared to a typically weighted blanket, this one is softer, more flexible, and more natural-looking. The only con that the blanket comes with is that it can’t be tumble-dried. Other than that, the product is a great choice and has earned over 80% 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Gravity Blankets

Even though the Gravity Blanket is a little on the expensive side, it’s worth every penny. Premium materials are used to make this warm and comfortable throw. It does, however, trap some heat. So if you tend to overheat while sleeping, you may want to try a knitted blanket instead.

For those who sleep at a normal temperature, this premium weighted blanket should be fine. The glass beads in the Gravity weighted blanket are far more robust than those in cheaper weighted blankets, which may clump up or have loose ones. Overall, it’s a premium product that’s great for those who aren’t on a tight budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long can you use your weighted blanket?

Answer: There is no hard and fast rule for how long you can use it. Some doctors have recommended a good 30-45 mins of use, while others recommended it for overnight use. Ultimately, it’s a personal preference on how long you want to use the blanket, though.

Question: How do I choose the perfect size for a weighted blanket?

Answer: It’s recommended to buy a blanket that is 10% of your body weight, adjusting 1-2 pounds to your liking. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, then you can go for a 15-pound blanket.

Question: Is it safe to wash and dry weighted blankets?

Answer: Before washing your weighted blanket, be sure to check the manufacturer’s care instructions, which may be found on the tag. That’ll tell you if your weighted blanket is machine washable or not.

If you can’t just throw it into the wash, you may need to spot clean it. If there is a dirty spot, simply spot clean it by using a mild soap, or gentle detergent, then rinse them with lukewarm water. 

The sooner you deal with stains, the better your chances are of preventing them from setting in. After the wash, you can air dry it (recommended) or a machine tumble-dry, if applicable.

Question: Can children use weighted blankets?

Answer: Yes, weighted blankets can be used by your child. We recommend that you consult with a doctor before providing your child with a weighted blanket, though.

Weighted blankets may be suffocating for some children, and they can also cause them to overheat while they sleep. Due to the risk of the beads falling out and choking little ones, weighted blankets are not recommended for infants.

Question: How long will it take to get accustomed to my weighted blanket?

Answer: There is no set answer to this question, but in general, it shouldn’t take more than three weeks (twenty-one days) to adjust. So, be patient and you will soon see the benefits of using your new weighted blanket.

Our Final Thoughts

With so many benefits of using a weighted blanket, why wouldn’t you want to spring for one for yourself or your family? You can use a weighted blanket to reduce anxiety or just to make watching TV more comfortable. 

Weighted blankets also exist in a wide variety of designs, but their common goal is to provide a very soothing experience. They’re a wonderful bedroom addition to individuals of all ages, whether you’re seeking to relieve anxiety or simply like the mild effects of the deep pressure technology, and can help you sleep like a child.

Although our top two choices for the finest weighted blankets could not be more different, both Quility and Gravity stand apart by using premium glass beads. The Gravity weighted blanket is one of our favorites, thanks to the cotton fabric and hypoallergenic glass beads that make up its construction. 

Quility blankets, on the other hand, are a solid option in the budget sector. These, along with the other mentioned blankets, are great in their own right. Feel free to set them as a baseline before embarking on your final blanket hunting journey — and we hope you’re able to get that good night’s rest you deserve with your new weighted blanket now on your bed!

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