9 Best Blue Comforter Ideas [2022]

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Choosing the right comforter for your room can be a difficult decision to make. You need to match your color scheme and choose a comfortable and warm comforter to give you a restful night’s sleep. To solve this problem, I have found the best blue comforter ideas for you.

At Quilted Rest, we aim to provide you with the top accessories for your bedroom not only to help you make your bedroom look good but to also help you get the best sleep possible. We also know that comforters can creep into the lounge for those movie marathons, which means you need an ultra-comfy comforter.

My top pick is the Bare Home Comforter Set due to its low price and warm filling that remains lightweight and soft.

Keep reading to find out all my top picks of well-priced and high-quality blue comforters.

The Benefits of Adding Blue to Your Room

Blue is a magical color to use in your home and especially in the bedroom. I’m not only saying this because blue is my favorite color, and I once painted my room blue. Blue is a mentally soothing color and promotes feelings of calmness and tranquility.

What more could you want while you are trying to fall asleep at night than a color that promotes serenity? Tucking yourself into a warm and soft blue comforter paired with the best blue sheets is the perfect solution for those nights where sleep is hard to come by.

People who love the color blue are said to be introverts who are loyal and deeply emotional. If that sounds like you, then a blue comforter should be top of your list to snuggle into at night. 

Top Features When Choosing the Right Comforter

Comforters may seem like a simple item to buy. You browse at a few different options, touch one or two to find out how they feel, and swipe your card at the till. However, there are a few things you should consider before you make your choice.

Here are the main features to consider before buying your next comforter.


When it comes to comforters and sheets, size matters, there is little worse than buying a soft comforter only to find out that it doesn’t fit your bed. As long as you know the size of the bed you want to use the comforter on, you can easily find the right size comforter.

Since bed sizes can be confusing, here is a simple guide to bed sizes.

Bed Type Mattress Size in Inches
Twin Bed 38″ X 75″
Twin XL 38″ X 80″
Full 54″ X 74″
Queen 60″ X 80″
King 76″ X 80″
California King 72″ X 84″

Filling and Cover

Comforters are different from duvets because they come in one piece, whereas a duvet is made up of a filler and a cover. Duvets allow you to remove the inside blanket and replace the cover. On the other hand, comforters can be fitted into a cover if you feel like changing the color.

When choosing a comforter, you still have two elements, the filling and the material that covers this, although you cannot separate the two.

You must consider if you or the person using the bed is allergic to any materials. These materials will also determine how warm or cool the comforter is, as well as the breathability of the comforter.

Here are the filling types used in the chosen comforters below:

  • Man-made filling: Fiber fillings are synthetic materials created with a machine and include poly fiber and microfiber. These materials are light, durable, breathable, and warm.  Synthetically filled comforters are great to use in both warm and cold months. These materials are perfect for people who are allergic to natural materials.
  • Polyester and faux Sherpa fleece: Polyester is a warm material that doesn’t allow air to pass through. This type of comforter is not recommended for moderate and warm temperatures as it could cause you to sweat. However, it is useful for those cold winters or as a couch blanket.
  • Down filling: Down fillings are natural goose-grown fillings that offer a warm feel like wool but with a much fluffier look and feel. These lighter comforters are perfect for the in-between months when the weather isn’t too hot or too cold. These comforters are also great for people who are allergic to wool.


Comforters offer different weights and this could impact how comfortable you find your new bedding. Heavier blankets offer some health benefits such as calming effects, reduction of anxiety, and they can help improve your sleep. If you are looking for such benefits a weighted blanket could be perfect for you or just a heavier comforter.

Some people prefer to sleep with lighter breathable blankets on top of them. This can sometimes be hard to find when looking for a warm comforter. Although, it is not impossible and there are lightweight options that will still keep you warm.

When looking at comforters, you should always have a look at the weight to find out if it will be the right fit for you. The last thing you want is to feel suffocated or too exposed at night.

Cleaning and Care Needs

Washing your bedding can be a tedious task made even more difficult by bedding items that can’t be thrown in the washing machine. Some heavier comforters and duvets are not machine washable and require the difficult task of handwashing.

While handwashing may not seem too bad, you may have a different idea when you are lugging your comforter with all the extra water weight to the washing line. Since most comforters that are not machine washable can’t be dried either.

Make sure you check the care instructions before buying your comforter, this will save you a lot of time and energy when it comes to laundry day. Although, sometimes the extra effort is worth it for the right comforter that is just too soft and comfortable to pass by. In the end, the choice is yours.

Criteria for the Top Choices

When choosing the best blue comforters I used certain criteria to find the top picks for you. While I made sure to produce a versatile list with enough of the top features for you to choose the right comforter for your needs, I also kept the following in mind.


Cost is an important factor when choosing items for your home and the choices below have a wide range of price options for you to choose a comforter that suits your budget. While certain materials are more expensive than others it doesn’t always mean they are better for you.

Certain materials may be cheaper because they are easier to obtain and this doesn’t mean the quality is bad. It may even be the better option for you.

Size Options

The options below all offer various sizes to give you the ability to find one that will fit your bed. Make sure to check your mattress size before clicking buy on any comforter and match it to the sizes in the product description. 

Not every shop follows the exact same size chart and there may be some slight inconsistencies in the sizes. When purchasing a comforter be aware that the size is usually slightly smaller than the bed, so if you want a comforter that covers the sides of your bed, you may need to buy one size up.

Color Options

While these are all blue comforters, the products below are also offered in different colors or patterns. These were included in case you are looking for one type of comforter to use in multiple rooms in your home. You can then choose different colors for the unique color scheme of each bedroom.

Level of Care Needed

While most of the products on the list are machine washable and tumble dryer friendly, there is just one that will need a dry cleaning service. These were selected to give you great choices of comforters that are also effortless to keep clean.

The 6 Best Blue Comforter Ideas for Your Room

Here are six top picks for a comfortable and stylish blue comforter to add to your bedroom. If the comforters are not right for you, further down, I have added three alternatives that still offer the calming effects of blue.

1. Bare Home Comforter Set

The Bare Home Comforter Set is the top pick because it is affordable while still offering a quality product. The comforter is warm and lightweight due to the poly fiber filling. The reinforced box stitching also prevents the comforter from bunching and causing discomfort.

The added pillow shams are perfect to create a matching bed setup. Laundry day is also a breeze since the comforter can be placed in the washing machine and then the tumble dryer.

Size options: Twin to oversized king

Maintenance: Machine wash and tumble dry

Filling: Poly fiber


  • Reinforced box stitching
  • Includes two pillow shams
  • Contains no harmful chemicals or dyes
  • Easy to clean


  • The sizes may be slightly too small

2. HYLEORY All-Season Bed Comforter

The HYLEORY All-Season Bed Comforter is another great choice with microfiber filling that mimics the feeling of goose-down. If you are allergic to natural products, this comforter will work well for you. The comforter is box-stitched to prevent any bunching.

The comforter has corner tabs to keep it in place without it sliding around in the night, this is good for restless sleepers.

Size options: Twin to California king

Maintenance: Machine wash and tumble dry

Filling: Goose-down microfiber


  • Affordable
  • Box-stitched
  • Corner tabs
  • All-season
  • Skin-friendly
  • Easy to clean


  • Seems too warm for hot sleepers
  • It doesn’t fully cover the sides of the bed

3. Amazon Basics Ultra-Soft Micromink Sherpa Comforter Bed Set

This Amazon Basics Ultra-soft Micromink Sherpa Bed Set is the perfect solution for cold areas with its soft and warm feel. The comforter is made of 100% polyester while mimicking the fuzzy and warm feel of micromink on one side and Sherpa fleece on the other side.

If you are looking for a blanket for ultracold winter nights then here is your option, but this comforter will not be good for summer or in warmer places. If you are prone to sweating during the night, you should give this comforter a miss.

Size options: Twin, Queen, and King

Maintenance: Machine wash and tumble dry

Filling: Polyester and faux Sherpa fleece


  • Includes pillow shams
  • Reversible
  • Box-stitched
  • Soft and cozy


  • Too hot for summer

4. APSMILE Light Blue Reversible Bed Comforter Set

The APSMILE Light Blue Comforter Set offers a beautiful pastel blue color to add a calm feeling to your room. The comforter is described to be as soft as a marshmallow with a down-like microfiber filling.

The comforter is reversible and you can choose any color for the flip side, giving you the choice to change up your room style at any point. The set comes with two pillow shams to complete the look.

Size options: Twin, Queen, and King

Maintenance: Machine wash and tumble dry

Filling: Down-like microfiber


  • Soft feel material
  • 50% recyclable filling
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Choose any color for the reverse side


  • Some bunching may occur
  • A bit too small to cover the sides of the bed

5. Elegant Comfort All Season Goose Down Alternative Reversible 3-Piece Comforter Set

The Elegant Comfort Goose Down Comforter Set is a good option if you are looking for something that is not too hot or too thin. This comforter is great for in-between weather and it offers a lightweight but warm feel.

The goose-down-like microfiber produces a soft and fluffy feel which is great to cuddle underneath without the comforter feeling too heavy.

Size options: Twin to California king

Maintenance: Machine wash and tumble dry

Filling: Microfiber


  • Silky soft feel
  • Medium warmth
  • Diamond stitched to reduce clumping
  • High-quality double-brushed microfiber grains
  • Lightweight


  • Not as thick as expected
  • Not as fluffy as depicted

6. SNOWMAN Goose Down Comforter All-Season

While the SNOWMAN Comforter is the priciest option on the list, it is ultra-soft as it is filled with Hungarian goose down. The filling is a premium material with a 100% cotton cover that reduces noise when you move around at night and it’s highly breathable and lightweight.

The light blue color offers a gentle touch to your room while inviting you in for a luxurious night’s rest.

Size options: Twin to king

Maintenance: Dry clean

Filling: Hungarian goose down


  • Premium Hungarian goose down material
  • Breathable
  • Quieter than other comforters
  • Vacuum-sealed
  • 3D baffle box stitching to distribute the filling


  • The comforter isn’t as fluffy as depicted
  • Needs to be dry cleaned

Alternatives Beyond Comforters

If you are not sold on these top comforter options, you may want to find some alternatives for your bedding. Duvet sets are the next best thing. The main difference between the two is duvets offer a separate inner comforter with a cover that prevents it from getting dirty. 

Duvet sets are much easier to wash as you can wash the cover frequently and the inner comforter from time to time. Duvets also make it easier to change the style and color of your bedding throughout the year. Although, a lightweight comforter is still great to wrap around your shoulders on the couch.

Here are three duvet sets to choose from if you have realized that a comforter is not what you are after.

Moon Stars Ombre Blue Duvet Cover Set

Size Options: Twin to king

Maintenance: Handwash or machine wash and tumble dry

Material: Microfiber

The Moon Stars Ombre Blue Duvet Cover Set offers a lovely addition to your room with an out-of-this-world look. The light sprinkling of stars across the duvet cover and matching pillowcases provides a unique touch to your room.

The high-quality microfiber offers you a plush and soft duvet to cuddle under at night. The duvet set is also handmade to give you a personal touch to your new bedding.

Sea Color Soft Cozy Cotton Duvet Comforter Cover

Size Options: Twin to king

Maintenance: Handwash or machine wash

Material: 100% cotton

The Sea Color Soft Cozy Cotton Duvet Comforter Cover offers you a world of choice with this duvet set which boasts the colors of the sea. The hand-dyed duvet set will take you on a journey to the coast and help you feel relaxed with a soothing blend of colors.

The duvet set can be bought as a separate duvet cover, a duvet cover with two pillowcases, or a duvet cover with two pillowcases as well as two cushion covers. The 100% cotton offers a soft and warm feel.

MILDLY Watercolor Duvet Cover

Size Options: Twin, Queen, and king

Maintenance: Handwash or machine wash and tumble dry

Material: 100% cotton

This MILDLY Watercolor Duvet Cover is breathable and lightweight with a beautiful watercolor design. The duvet cover comes with two pillow shams to create a stunning look for your bedroom. You can keep your room design unique with this duvet.

The duvet is 100% cotton and offers a hidden zipper to close it and four corner tabs to keep it in place during the night. The duvet cover is also reversible and there are several patterns to choose from all created with the watercolor effect.

The Best Blue Comforter FAQs

Question: How is a pillow sham different from a pillowcase?

Answer: A pillow sham is similar to a pillowcase, although the pillow sham is more decorative than a pillowcase. Pillow shams have one opening fold at the back where you can insert the pillow. Pillow shams have a cord or flange around the edges to offer decorative effects.

Pillow shams are used more for decoration, while pillowcases are practically used to keep the pillow free from sweat and body oils.

Question: How are comforters washed?

Answer: Comforters can be washed in a few different ways depending on the material of the one you buy. Synthetic comforters can usually be machine washed and tumble dried, although some may need to be hand washed and dried naturally. 

Certain materials require a dry cleaning service for the comforter. You should always refer to the cleaning and maintenance instructions on your item to find the best way to keep your new comforter clean.

Question: How are comforters washed?

Answer: Comforters can be washed in a few different ways depending on the material of the one you buy. Synthetic comforters can usually be machine washed and tumble dried, although some may need to be hand washed and dried naturally. 

Certain materials require a dry cleaning service for the comforter. You should always refer to the cleaning and maintenance instructions on your item to find the best way to keep your new comforter clean.

Question: How can you reduce wrinkles in a comforter?

Answer: While certain comforters may claim to be wrinkle-free, it is not always possible to keep wrinkles completely out of your comforter. You can reduce wrinkles by spraying a small amount of water on the comforter before smoothing it out with your hands.

Another method to reduce wrinkles is to hang the comforter in the bathroom with a hot shower running. The hot steam will smooth out some of the wrinkles but remember the comforter may be damp afterward so let it dry completely before using.

Verdict: Which Blue Comforter Should You Try?

Finding the right comforter for your room doesn’t need to be difficult. Choose a color scheme for your room and then search for the right comforter based on your chosen colors. Make sure you choose the right filling and avoid any materials that you and others may be allergic to. 

Lastly, remember that comforter sizes are usually smaller than bed sizes so your comforter may not completely cover the sides of your bed and if you want them fully covered, choose one size up from your bed size.

My top pick is no doubt the Bare Home Comforter Set due to its affordable price and promise of lightweight comfort. I also love the deep blue color and the ability to easily wash the set when necessary.

If you have changed your mind and decided that blue isn’t for you, why not check out the best Sage green comforters or the best red comforters.

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