16 Best Walmart Bed Sheets That Are Worth Your Money [2022]

There is nothing that beats slipping into a set of fresh sheets. The silky feeling against your body as you rest in cool comfort is the stuff that dreams are made of. With so many different types of bed sheets available, I decided to review the best Walmart bed sheets with this handy guide. 

If you are looking for the very best quality, excellent design, and affordable prices, then look no further.

Sneak Peek: I love a sheet that is comfortable and breathable, and I simply love the 300-Thread Count 100% Rayon from Bamboo Deep Pocket Bedding Sheets & Pillowcases, 4-Piece Sheet Set By Impressions from Walmart. But there are many other great sheets to try out too, so keep reading!

The Best Walmart Bed Sheets Quick Picks

Top Natural Cotton-Alternative Bed Sheets: 300-Thread Count 100% Rayon from Bamboo Deep Pocket Bedding Sheets & Pillowcases, 4-Piece Sheet Set By Impressions


  • 100% bamboo
  • Naturally hypoallergenic 
  • Super soft and full-sized


  • Sateen finish may be mistaken for polyester
  • Sheets may wrinkle if left in a dryer

Best White Cotton Bed Sheets: SunnieJune 600 Thread Count 100% Pure Cotton Sheet Set


  • 600 thread count
  • Made from quality long-staple cotton fibers from Pakistan
  • Deep 14-inch pocket for the fitted sheet to accommodate all bed sizes


  • Thick feeling that can be a bit cloying 
  • Heavier sheet due to increased thread count

Best Budget Bed Sheet Set: Purity Home 300 TC Percale Organic Cotton Sheet Set


  • Good quality percale weave 100% cotton
  • Available in several colors
  • 18-inch fitment pocket on the fitted sheet to ensure fitment of a deep mattress


  • Sheets are thin and some consumers complained about colors being different from those advertised
  • Can make you hot during warmer months of the year

Most Comfortable Jersey Knit Bed Sheets: Comfort Classics Heathered Cotton Jersey Knit Sheet Set


  • Soft t-shirt knit sheets
  • 5 colors to choose from
  • Antimicrobial treatment and OEKO-TEX certified, meaning the fabric is free from harmful chemical substances


  • Can stretch if you’re a restless sleeper
  • Customers reported some issues with sizing and cut, though this may be due to the flexible nature of the t-shirt knit
  • Can be hot and not as breathable

Best Plain Colored Microfiber Sheets: The Clara Clark, Deep Pocket 4 Piece Bed Sheet California King, Soft Microfiber, Hypoallergenic, Cool & Breathable, Bedding Bed Sheets set


  • Available in 37 colors 
  • Ample pocket depth for all size mattresses 
  • Easy care


  • Some buyers mentioned the sheets come loose from smaller size beds
  • Some color inconsistencies from what is advertised online

Best Floral Bed Sheets: Floral Bicycle Sheet Set With Colorful, Vintage-Style Farmhouse Print


  • Bright design 
  • Easy care 


  • Some customers indicate that the fitted sheet slips off the mattress
  • Polyester fabric may feel thin to those used to sleeping on cotton sheets

Softest Flannel Bed Sheets: Comfort Classics Cozy Soft Cotton Novelty Print Kids Flannel Sheet Set


  • Soft-touch flannel
  • Easy care, no ironing required
  • 100% cotton
  • Oeko-Tex certification for peace of mind that no chemicals are embedded in the sheets


  • Some consumers remarked that the fitted sheet only fits a 14-inch mattress
  • The sheets are somewhat thinner than the more pricey flannel options, indicating a lower thread count, but this makes the sheets more breathable as a trade-off

Ultimate High Tech Weighted Bed Sheets: Therapedic Rayon Made From Bamboo 3.5 lb. Weighted Twin Sheet Set in White


  • 300 thread count
  • Made from Bamboo
  • Weight of 3.5 pounds


  • No official rating on Walmart
  • Limited color range available

Unwrapping the Truth About Bed Sheets

Before you decide to click away and order your next set of bed sheets through Walmart, you should learn a bit more about bed sheets, what makes a great sheet, and what you should avoid when selecting your bedsheets. Not all sheets are created equal, and one cotton sheet won’t sleep like the next. 

There is a range of considerations that sets one sheet apart from the next, and when ordering online, you can’t rely on the tried-and-trusted method of sticking your finger into a corner of the sheet package before you buy. So, keep these in mind when looking at online sheets. 

What to Look at When Buying Bed Sheets

While you may simply enter the search criteria “cotton bed sheets” and look for the size and color you want, it is actually quite a bit more complicated than this simple search parameter to find the best bed sheets for your needs. 

Counting up the Cost of Thread Counts

How your bed sheets are woven determines whether the sheet is made from a thicker or thinner fiber, which is woven more or less densely. This is what is commonly known as the thread count. The more threads are present per square inch, the denser the bedsheet.

The thread count per square inch indicates how breathable the sheets will be as well as the sheets’ resistance to pilling. That being said, you don’t always have to opt for the highest thread count you can find. There are other factors to also consider such as the fabric of the sheet, how it has been woven and the thickness of the fibers. 

Some sheets with a lower thread count (usually from 200-600 thread count) are actually quite comfortable and will serve you well. For the discerning, you can order sheets with a thread count as high as over 1,000. 

A medium thread count of at least 350 to 450 will be much longer-lasting though. To save money, a 200 thread count brushed cotton sheet can really surprise you with its performance.

Fabrics: Jersey, Micro-Fiber, and Cotton

The fabric you choose for your sheets will have a huge impact. Some fabrics are used for special reasons such as being hypoallergenic, while others are more eco-friendly. When it comes to sheets, there are a few basic fabrics that are go-to staples with sheeting. 


This is a variation of cotton, and it has the same feeling as t-shirt material, making it ideal for summer sheets or those with sensitive skin. Jersey sheets are not woven like other cotton sheets; instead, they are knitted. This creates a soft, pliable surface that holds up well to the pulling and wrinkling that bed sheets are often exposed to. 


As we all know, cotton is a natural fiber, and it is reputed to be the best quality fabric for sheets. However, not all cotton fabrics are the same. The harvesting process can have a serious impact on the overall feel of a cotton sheet. When cotton is harvested by hand, the fibers aren’t broken, and longer stemmed fibers make for a staple fiber that can be woven into a denser fiber count. This is typical of Egyptian cotton. 

When cotton is harvested by machine, the fibers are often broken, and the manufacturing process may then have to involve more chemicals to soften the fibers and blend this cotton with other synthetic fibers. 


Should the fibers be thinner and longer than other cotton fibers, the chances are that you are looking at a microfiber sheet. With microfiber sheeting, cotton fibers are combined with thinner synthetic fibers such as polyester. The result is a combination that washes and breathes well and a serious cost reduction. 

Microfiber sheets have a lightness to them that offers great sleep satisfaction. The combination of cotton and synthetic fibers results in a cool sensation from the pocketed weave. This means the sheet’s fibers contain much more air than regular cotton sheets

Additionally, by opting for sheets made from recycled plastic, you can help save the environment too. 

Fibers and Weaves for the Best Bed Sheet

Long fibers or long-staple fibers can make stronger yarns than other types of fiber. Pima, Supima, and Egyptian cotton are examples of sheets where the fibers are longer and thus, offer a better weave. 

With the different weave kinds that are used in bedsheets, you can select between the three top favorites:


For plain weave fabric, choose percale. This weave usually has a thread count of 180 or more. It is durable and easy to care for.


Satin woven cotton offers a soft touch, combined with a sleek feel. This is ideal for summer sheets, and sheets with this weave are extra soft, but they often lack durability and are prone to pilling. 

Brushed Cotton

For cheaper but soft alternatives, consider brushed cotton. With this standard weave, the cotton fabric is finished by a machine that brushes the fibers, softening them and producing a fluffy appearance. This is a great choice for winter. 

Caring for Your Bed Sheets

Bed sheets can be quite a luxury item and you may end up paying a substantial price. Caring for your bed sheets is easy if you do it correctly. Follow these easy steps for the brightest and softest bed sheet around after every wash:

Step One: Pre-Treat Stains

If you love snacking as I do, you will probably end up with a cuppa Jo and some candy in bed. Stains are bound to happen. Be sure to pretreat stains with a bleach-free stain remover. 

Step Two: Sort Sheets

Before you wash your bed sheets, be sure to sort them into like-colors, and only wash sheets with other sheets. Don’t wash them with towels or clothing. Heavier fabrics and fittings like zippers and buttons can damage sheets, cause pilling, and lead to color bleeding. 

Step Three: Launder Your Sheets

Be sure to wash your sheets without bleach. Even white sheets don’t do well with bleach, and over time, you will notice yellowing if you bleach. Take each sheet and make a soft ball with it. Then drop it into the washing machine. Never wash a folded sheet. 

For white sheets, you can help brighten things up with ¼ cup of lemon juice added to the wash. Use gentle cotton-approved washing detergent, unless you have satin or silk sheets, and wash on a gentle setting in cold or lukewarm water.

Once the cycle has run, be sure to immediately take the clean sheets out, shake them, and then place them in the dryer or hang them on the line. Never leave sheets lying for extended periods to prevent wrinkling. Avoid ironing where possible as the heat from an iron or steam press will cause the fibers to weaken.

Buyer’s Guide Criteria for the Best Bed Sheets

When I consider the sheets on offer at a leading retail store chain like Walmart, I always try to stick to the following criteria:

Seasonal Appropriateness

You should have a set of sheets for each season (if not more), and these need to fit the temperature and climate of each season you may find yourself in. The sheets you sleep under in winter will need to be more cozy and insulating than summer sheets, which are more breathable and lightweight. 


When you are buying sheets, you want to be sure you will get several seasons’ sleep from these sheets. This means you need to buy quality. Go for fabric that is durable such as cotton or a cotton blend that has a thread count of at least 250 per square inch. 

Also, check the stitching of the sheets before you buy or buy from a reputable dealer. Sheets that have frayed edges or irregular seams will not offer good or lasting quality. 


I prefer cotton and cotton blend fabrics for sheeting as these are durable and wash well. However, other natural fabrics like bamboo fibers and linen blends also work well. Any material that is soft, durable, and breathable is a good choice for bed sheets. 


While I don’t mind going to town for a really well-put-together bed sheet, I also don’t want to break the bank. Sheets on a budget are always a major consideration. Some of the sheets in this guide may be a little more pricey, but the majority of the selections are affordable. 

Style and Design

Sheets may be hidden by your comforters or duvet covers, but you know what they look like, and investing in something really stylish is an investment in yourself—and this holds true for buying bed sheets too. The sheets in this guide are all stylish enough to complement any home.

Customer Ratings

Mass testing is one of the best ways to find out how good something really is. With bed sheets, customer reviews can really give you an under the covers review of which sheets are great and which shouldn’t even get a second look. All of the sheets in this guide have a 4+ rating on Walmart. 

Best Walmart Bed Sheet Guide Selections

Top Natural Cotton-Alternative Bed Sheets

300-Thread Count 100% Rayon from Bamboo Deep Pocket Bedding Sheets & Pillowcases, 4-Piece Sheet Set By Impressions- California King, Charcoal

If you want a bed sheet that is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and super soft, then natural rayon sourced from bamboo is the best choice. The 300-Thread Count 100% Rayon from Bamboo Deep Pocket Bedding Sheets & Pillowcases, 4-Piece Sheet Set By Impressions is the best option in this class. And at a great price of under $100 for a set, these sheets won’t break the bank either. 

There are 7 colors to choose from, with charcoal, gold, and green being firm favorites. 

For high quality at a 300 thread count, you know you are investing in a life-long sheet that will serve you for years to come. Best of all, the fitted sheet is fully elasticated, ensuring a snug fit of all size mattresses from size 14-18 inches. 

Guaranteed softness, the sateen finish will have you wanting to spend more hours in bed. I simply loved the way these sheets draped around me while I slept. The silky feeling may have made some consumers believe these to be polyester, but these 100% bamboo sheets don’t disappoint. 

Best White Cotton Bed Sheets

SunnieJune 600 Thread Count 100% Pure Cotton Sheet Set,White Queen

White cotton bed sheets are a real luxury. The SunnieJune 600 Thread Count 100% Pure Cotton Sheet Set is a great bed sheet to invest in. The high thread count of 600, combined with the high quality of long-staple cotton from Pakistan, gives a baby-soft feel that caresses the skin. 

With reinforced stitching, you can expect longer-lasting quality. This sheet set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillow casings, which isn’t bad at less than $50 for the set.

I really liked the feel of these sheets, and they certainly did give me a quality night’s rest, though I felt somewhat warm since it was still summer. Like some of the customer reviews stated, these sheets are reasonably wrinkle-free but keep in mind that with a 600 thread count, the sheets are quite thick. 

Best Budget High-Quality Bed Sheet Set

Purity Home 300 TC Percale Organic Cotton Sheet Set, Queen, Aqua

If you’re on a budget, the Purity Home 300 TC Percale Organic Cotton Sheet Set is a real winner. The simple percale weave has a 300 thread count, making for reasonable quality and long-wearing fabric. At less than $50 for the set, this is a real steal.

Available in five colors ranging from arctic white to lavender and aqua, making it easier to match to your other bedding. The sheets are 100% cotton, but the reduced thread count does make for some creasing. 

Placement labels help with knowing which side of the sheets are top and bottom, and the manufacturing process is GOTS & STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified, which means these sheets are fully organically produced. This is great for those with sensitive or hypoallergenic skin as the cotton is harvested in organic methods that are free of pesticides. 

Most Comfortable Jersey Knit Bed Sheets

Comfort Classics Heathered Cotton Jersey Knit Sheet Set, Aqua, Twin

I love sleeping in an old t-shirt. The Comfort Classics Heathered Cotton Jersey Knit Sheet Set is available in 5 colors, and the soft knitted 100% cotton fabric is a real winner for anyone looking for comfort. The stretchy feel of the fabric helps to fit odd-sized beds, and it also drapes softly over you while you sleep. 

Enjoy the price tag too at less than $25 per set. While this set probably won’t last you more than a few seasons’ sleep, it’s affordable enough to buy two. 

While this sheet set may not appeal to those who like a structured bed, the jersey-knit sheets are comfortable, breathing fairly well, and providing warmth in winter and cool breathability in summer. If your bed has a topper or a mattress protector, you may find these sheets a better fit since they have some give to them. 

Consumers complained a bit about uneven stitching, but this may be due to the flexible and pliable nature of jersey knit fabric, which is different from long-staple cotton sheets. 

The antimicrobial treatment is a nice touch, but I was somewhat unsure whether this would last beyond the first couple of washes. Still, the sheet washes well, and there’s no reason not to wash your sheets weekly. While there is no indication of piling after a few washes, the stitching does seem a bit off-kilter. Perhaps these sheets aren’t the best idea for a formal guest room, but you’ll love them on your own bed, while your kids will adore them on theirs. 

Best Plain Colored Microfiber Sheets

If you are looking for an affordable microfiber bed sheet set, then The Clara Clark, Deep Pocket 4 Piece Bed Sheet California King, Soft Microfiber, Hypoallergenic, Cool & Breathable, Bedding Bed Sheets set is for you. At a price tag just over the $20 mark, you can buy a couple of sets in any of the 37 funky colors that it comes in. 

Manufactured from microfiber, these sheets are double brushed on both sides, giving you the softest sleep experience possible. The fabric is lightweight, giving you great climate control while you sleep so there is great ventilation and the feeling of coolness while you catch up on your Zs. 

Each set includes a full-size flat sheet, a generous fitted sheet that can tackle any size mattress with the deep 14-18 inch pockets, and two full-size pillow casings. If you’re not completely happy, you can easily request a refund as the sheets have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Best of all, these sheets are super easy to care for. Simply pop them in the washing machine, then into the drier, and move them straight to the bed. No ironing is required, and the sheets stay as soft as the first night. The sheets are stain and fade-resistant, plus, they won’t shrink. 

Best Floral Bed Sheets

When I decided to look at a floral bed sheet, I didn’t want to go for the granny-pansies that I remembered from childhood. I wanted cute, florally, and durable. This is what I found with the Floral Bicycle Sheet Set With Colorful, Vintage-Style Farmhouse Print—and it’s less than $30 for a set!

These stylish and quirky floral sheets feature a theme of flowers and bicycles, giving me a farmhouse feel when I dress my bed with the delightful polyester sheets. These sheets are really simple to care for. Simply launder them, pop them into the dryer, and then put them on the bed—no ironing required. 

Softest Flannel Bed Sheets

My little girl began to get somewhat jealous of mommy trying out all these different bed sheets, so she insisted on helping out. I ordered her the best winter bed sheets that thrilled her little heart—soft cotton flannel bed sheets. The Comfort Classics Cozy Soft Cotton Novelty Print Kids Flannel Sheet Set made her very happy indeed. The amazing designs were a hoot, and we enjoyed naming all the foxes on the “gray foxes” option we had chosen. But there are 10 pattern variations to choose from if you don’t like foxes. 

Importantly, these sheets are OEKO-TEX certified, which means my child can sleep in sheets that are certifiably free from harmful chemical substances. The sheets are also easy to care for, and when my little Lisa messes in her bed with a nighttime snack, I can simply pop the sheets in the washing machine, then dryer, and straight to the bed again. 

Since Lisa loved the sheets so much, I got her another two designs because the price, which is less than $25 per set, is a steal. And with winter being forecast to be a real chiller this year, I’ve ordered a queen-size set for me too (and hubby will just have to deal with the foxes). 

Ultimate High Tech Weighted Bed Sheets

With the Therapedic Rayon Made From Bamboo 3.5 lb. Weighted Twin Sheet Set in White, you can enjoy the comfort of a sheet combined with the soothing pressure of a weighted blanket. With a 300 thread count, you are assured of high quality and additional weight. This weighted sheet makes for a great remedy for restless leg syndrome without having to opt for a weighted blanket, which could be warm in summer. 

The soothing 3.5 pounds weight of this sheet will help you rest comfortably, while the natural bamboo fibers provide a soothing touch for those who have sensitive skin. 

While you may blink at the price, keep in mind that the entire set of sheets is under $300. With the extra weight, you won’t need a summer blanket, and the natural fibers are easy to care for while being eco-friendly too. 

This product and some of the others in the range on Walmart don’t have ratings yet, but then most weighted blankets only have a few ratings. However, I loved the feel of this set on my bed, and the soothing weight was really comforting. As a bonus, I found the flat sheet didn’t slide off the bed as easily as my weighted blanket does, which made my sleep experience much more refreshing.

Best Walmart Bed Sheets FAQs

Question: What is the best thread count for a bedsheet?

Answer: While the maximum number thread count that can be woven into a sheet is 500-600, this would be way too dense and create a bed sheet that doesn’t breathe. Far better to get a bedsheet with a 300-400 thread count as this offers quality, durability, and breathability. 

Question: What is the best material to use for bed sheets? 

Answer: Hotels prefer to use 100% cotton for their bedsheets, and while this offers comfort, it is mostly due to the ease of maintenance. Cotton can be bleached (though not recommended) and can withstand rigorous washing too. Some combination materials that contain lycra such as microfibers may offer a greater level of comfort and softness. These will require somewhat more careful care, which should be a consideration as bed sheets will be washed and laundered frequently. 

Egyptian cotton is said to be the very best quality as the cotton is harvested by hand, reducing the breakage of the fibers. This leads to long-staple fibers that can be woven into a high thread count sheet. With Egyptian, Pima, and Supima cotton, you can obtain a thread count of over 1,000 strands per square inch.

Question: How high should the thread count of cooling sheets be?

Answer: For cooler sheets, you should have a thread count below 300. A thread count of 250 is ideal for summer sheets, with winter sheets going up to a 450-500 thread count. 

Question: Why are hotel sheets so comfortable?

Answer: Hotel sheets are often a blend of cotton and polyester, which are easy to clean and care for. This blend also creates airy sheets that allow for better airflow, which is why you sleep so well under hotel sheets. 

Question: What is the healthiest bed sheet material and why?

Answer: The most hypoallergenic materials for bed sheets are cotton and bamboo. These are natural fibers, which means they are less likely to contain allergens, they breathe better, and they contain fewer chemicals during the manufacturing process. These natural fibers are often produced via sustainable and eco-friendly farming, making them good for the environment too. 

Question: How many times per week should you wash your bedsheets?

Answer: You should wash your bedsheets and change them for a clean set at least once per week. This is important to help maintain a healthy and hygienic sleep environment. Washing your bed sheets regularly will keep the fibers in top condition, limit piling, and help remove any foreign allergens that you may track into bed at night. 

Question: How many times per week should you wash your bedsheets?

Answer: You should wash your bedsheets and change them for a clean set at least once per week. This is important to help maintain a healthy and hygienic sleep environment. Washing your bed sheets regularly will keep the fibers in top condition, limit piling, and help remove any foreign allergens that you may track into bed at night. 

The Final Verdict

Bedsheets are an investment, and when you decide on what to buy, you should keep the three main considerations in mind: comfort, care, and cost. You want a sheet that will make you feel comfortable in bed, that will be a breeze to clean, and one that won’t cost you more than your mortgage payment. 

My vote goes to the 300-Thread Count 100% Rayon from Bamboo Deep Pocket Bedding Sheets & Pillowcases, 4-Piece Sheet Set By Impressions since it is super soft, high quality at a 300 thread count, and easy to care for. There are several great base colors to choose from, and when I upgrade to larger bed size, I can still use these as the deep pockets will reach with ease. 

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