6 Best Purple Weighted Blanket Ideas To Try [2022]

The color purple is associated with idealism and uniqueness.  The people who are drawn toward this color are typically free-spirits and creative dreamers with a sensitive side. Of course, you don’t have to be defined by these terms to enjoy some purple in your life.  You may only have a small streak of idealistic charisma and that is good enough.  Even if you don’t have that small of an amount, you are still welcome to use this amazing color in your décor.

If you’re ready to add this regal and exotic color into your world, why not start with a blanket?  In fact, why not start with a weighted blanket?  They are, after all, the biggest thing in the world of comfort these days.  Don’t fret about the process of finding the best options either because we’ll do all the hard work for you.  Just sit back and relax and let Quilted Rest guide you through the process of finding the best purple weighted blanket for your bedroom.

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Start at the Very Beginning

Before we throw a bunch of amazing blankets at you, you need to carefully walk through all the features and factors of a weighted blanket so that you can make an informed decision.  Knowing what to look for in a weighted blanket will also eliminate much of the frustration of sorting through all the options in the marketplace.  So, get a notepad and a pen to jot down which of the following features are essential for you when you get a new weighted blanket.


Do you want a weighted blanket that is unique to you?  If so, look for shops that make customized blankets.  They do exist, particularly on the internet.  But, make sure you know what sort of features you want for your blanket so that you will be able to ask the shop about those items.


There are several types of weighted filling used in weighted blankets and you should know a little about the pros and cons of each so that you can select the best type for your needs.  Let’s look at each of those now.

Beans – While this type of filling can be used to weigh down a blanket and make it so that it will heat up in a microwave, it is neither durable nor washable.

Glass beads – This is one of the top two weight fill options.  Glass beads are smooth, they are washable, they are durable, and many of them are non-toxic.

Pebbles – Unless the blanket is thickly padded, this is not the best option for comfort; however, pebbles are durable and washable. 

Poly pellets – This is the other top two weight fill option.  These little pellets are also smooth, washable, durable, and many are made with non-toxic materials.  One thing to keep in mind about this type of filling is that each pellet doesn’t weigh much, so it takes a lot more poly pellets to get the blanket to the appropriate weight.

Rice – Here, we have another weight option that is also great to produce microwavable heated blankets.  However, this is not a very durable filling, nor can it be washed.

Sand – This filling will give you plenty of weight, but if it gets wet, it may never fully dry.  Also, if any filling can find its way out of a blanket pouch, it is sand.  If you choose this filling, make sure the pouches are waterproof and very secure. 

Steel shot beads – This might not be the most popular weight fill option, but it is heavy, durable, and washable.


You will need to wash your weighted blanket every 2 to 3 months with some spot cleaning in between.  Some types of weighted blankets cannot be immersed in water or cannot be put into machine washers and dryers.  Make sure you get a weighted blanket that offers the type of cleaning maintenance that appeals to you.  

If you don’t mind handwashing or only spot cleaning, then you’ll be fine with anything; however, if you prefer the cleanliness of a machine wash, then make sure you get a blanket with a type of filling and a type of material that can be put into a washing machine.  Also, make sure your washing machine can handle the weight of the blanket.


This feature is completely preference-oriented; if you live in a warm climate or you sleep hot, then get a blanket that is made from a cool and breathable material such as cotton or linen.  If, however, you live in a cold climate, you should opt for something warm and fuzzy.


These blankets will not be cheap, especially if you are particular about what you want.  Since weighted blankets are made from multiple layers of cloth and pouches that hold some type of fill weight, there is a lot of material and manufacturing that goes into these items.  This implies that you need to prepare your budget for purchasing a weighted blanket.


Weighted blankets range in size from lap blankets to King size, so you should be able to find just the right size to suit your needs.  Before you begin looking, consider how you plan to use your blanket so that you will know which size is best to purchase.


Of all the features of a weighted blanket, this is the primary one.  If you get a blanket that is too heavy, you won’t use it because it will feel like you’re being squished or smothered; however, if you get a blanket that is too light, you won’t get the ultimate hug of comfort that these items provide.  It is recommended a weighted blanket should weigh 10% of the bodyweight of the person using it.  Yes, this will impact how you purchase a blanket if you have a sleep partner.

purple weighted blanket

Decision-Making Time

Now that we have covered the extensive list of features and factors that each weighted blanket includes and every potential buyer should consider, we can begin looking at some of the best purple weighted blankets on the market.  The following product recommendations have been pulled together using these criteria:

  • Maintenance
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Returns & Exchanges
  • Shipping Expenses
  • Warranties

The Best Cold Weather Purple Weighted Blanket: Peace Weighted Blanket

peace weighted blanket

Made with a soft and fuzzy lavender minky material, this blanket is great for keeping you warm and comfortable.  It is available in multiple sizes and weights, depending on what you prefer.  This handmade item is definitely cute and quality-made.


  • Shipping is free
  • Returns and exchanges are accepted
  • The shop owner is available for questions and comments
  • The shop owner takes custom orders
  • The shop has 5-star reviews
  • Weight fill is BPA-free and hypoallergenic plastic pellets


  • Only two reviews of the shop so far

The Best Full-Size Purple Weighted Blanket: Rokduk Twin Weighted Blanket

rokduk twin blanket

Here is another great customizable weighted blanket.  This blanket is so great because it comes in a wide range of sizes and weights, which is essential for optimum comfort.  Don’t miss out on a great blanket with a great list of essential features and a great price.


  • Weight options range from 2 pounds to 15 pounds
  • Soft, breathable material for warm weather
  • Constructed with seven layers for extra comfort
  • While it is best to hand wash this blanket, it can be machine washed in cold water on a gentle cycle


  • Some customers have commented that it is difficult to wash these blankets

The Best Kids Purple Weighted Blanket: Weighted Blankets 17 Luxurious Unicorn Purple Weighted Blanket

luxirious unicorn blanket

This blanket is all about sensory awareness.  It is made from a fun and furry purple material that no kid could resist.  As a completely handmade and kid-oriented item, it is a quality product that can be produced in weights ranging from 0 to 8 pounds. 


  • The shop owner does offer a warranty on all their blankets
  • Shipping is free
  • Machine washable in cold water and on delicate cycle
  • The shop owner is available for questions and comments
  • The shop and the blanket has several 5-star reviews


  • Returns and exchanges are not accepted

The Best King Size Purple Weighted Blanket: Rokduk King Weighted Blanket

rokduk king weighted blanket

This is a king-size weighted blanket that speaks to those who are frugal.  It is a reasonably priced item that features two different shades of purple, one on each side, so that you basically have two different styles for your bed.  Also, the king-size blanket is available in several different lengths, widths, and weight combinations.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Soft, breathable material for warm weather
  • Constructed with seven layers for extra comfort
  • While it is best to hand wash this blanket, it can be machine washed in cold water on a gentle cycle
  • As of the writing of this article, 80% of the customer reviews for this blanket are 5-star


  • Some customers have found that it was too heavy for their liking

The Best Queen Size Purple Weighted Blanket: Weighted Blankets 17 Queen Weighted Blanket

17 queen weighted blanket

Rather than just a blanket, this is an entire set that includes pillow shams, a duvet cover, and the blanket in the weight you select.  This is a very luxurious set that is handmade, easy to clean, and made from breathable materials.


  • Shipping is free
  • Machine washable duvet cover
  • The shop owner is available for questions and comments
  • The shop and the blanket has several 5-star reviews
  • Fill weight is made from non-toxic and washable poly pellets


  • Returns and exchanges are not accepted

The Best Twin Size Purple Weighted Blanket: Harkla Kids Weighted Blanket

harkla kids blanket

Made with little ones in mind, this plush minky blanket is cool and comforting.  It is available in a variety of weights and sizes, so you can find exactly what will fit your bed and your child.  You’ll love how calming and soothing it is, while at the same time how durable and easy to clean it is.


  • Designed with a removable and washable outer cover
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Fleece is soft and durable


  • Some customers have commented that the weighted fill does not stay evenly distributed


Question: How to Find a Weighted Blanket if You Have a Sleep Partner?

Answer: If you have a sleep partner, you will need to make a few considerations before purchasing a weighted blanket.  Consider the following:
– Does your sleep partner want to use a weighted blanket?
– Does your sleep partner weigh approximately the same amount as you?
If the answer to either of these questions is no, then you should opt to get yourself a weighted blanket for your own individual use.  Anyone who uses a weighted blanket should want to use it because if they do not, they may feel stressed when all that weight is resting on their body, and that is the exact opposite of the purpose of a weighted blanket.  Also, if you and your sleep partner do not weigh the same amount, one of you will miss out on the benefits of a weighted blanket with the proper weight.

Question: What Are the Health Benefits of a Weighted Blanket?

Answer: These blankets are wonderfully beneficial for everyone, whether you have health concerns or not.  They can comfort the body and reduce anxiety by providing deep touch pressure stimulation.  Basically, this is a big warm hug, but technically, it is a function that releases serotonin.
You can understand how deep pressure stimulation will relax anyone after a hard workday, but it actually does more.  This sensation works to help people with anxiety, ADD, Autism, and restless leg syndrome find the relief they need to calm down and feel secure so they can face their day or night in a better state.

Of course, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to these issues but just help or an assistant, if you will.  Some people will not respond well to a weighted blanket, and that’s okay.  Each person should be free to try it and discard it if they so choose.  Also, it is always recommended that you consult with your health care professional for advice on treating any health issue.

Question: Are Weighted Blankets Safe for Children?

Answer: Yes, as you can see from our product recommendations, lighter-weight weighted blankets are perfect for children.  One key thing to remember, though, is that children under the age of five should have a doctor’s consultation before using a weighted blanket.

Question: Are There Weighted Blanket Alternatives?

Answer: Yes, there are.  If you find that the weight of these blankets is more stifling than comforting, or you don’t want to deal with washing one of them, there are lightweight alternatives.  Compression sheets and sleep pods offer the same amazing benefits of deep touch pressure but without the weight.  

A Warm and Cozy Wrap Up

Finding the best purple weighted blanket is not all that complicated, especially once you know what to look for and how to do so.  I hope you have found this article helpful in that it has simplified the process and given you some awesome recommendations for your consideration.  Now that I have been shopping for a purple weighted blanket, I know exactly which one I will get if the opportunity arises.  I am all about the lavender Peace Weighted Blanket.  It looks so comfy and cozy and I love the idea of supporting a small business.

Well, you’re probably ready to wrap up this chat and go get your blanket now, but before you do, just remember that Quilted Rest is excited to help you build the best bed ever.  After you get that purple weighted blanket of your dreams, let us help you find the most amazing sheets for your bed.

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